Sunday, 13 July 2008

two hundred and seventy four!

That's the number of feeds in my Bloglines reader at the moment!! Some mornings I wake up to over a hundred new posts to read!!

Maybe, just maybe, I need to scale it back a bit because the more blogs I read the less I comment unless the subject matter really grabs my attention! Fortunately I am a very fast reader, but then I begin to feel that I am just dashing my way through several blogs without really stopping to reflect on what people are saying.

Okay, some posts are meant to short and snappy, but there are others that demand that you read and absorb each word just in case you miss the meaning of what they trying to say. Neither type of blog/post is right or wrong, just that they each ask different things of me.

At present I am still making the effort to read them all even if I don't comment on more than a few, but am certainly beginning to wonder whether I should jettison a few, but then I start feeling guilty about which blogs I should stop reading, particularly because I seem to adding a few more each week as I stumble across them!!

Does anyone else have the same problem!!!?

P.S. WOW - have just seen the most incredible sight on television - a Labrador dog that swims with the resident dolphin of Tory Island just off Ireland!! Apparently as soon as the dolphin turns up the dog jumps into the harbour and goes to play with the dolphin!! :-)


Hen said...

Very funny - especially as the clue is in your blog title...

...I think commenting is really important...(BTW, thank you for popping over to mine) I haven't got anyone on feed...I just have a mental list...and I comment on all of them...between 15-20...
...more than that and my day would disappear and the children would forget who I am!

Nic said...

My list of must-reads is growing too. I am really trying hard to comment, trying to think of how I feel when I go on - where's my comments??!!!

There are just SO many good blogs!

MomMega said...

Aww yes, it is hard. I'm not sure if I am on your list, but I do try to do my part by not posting every day. Hee. Thanks for visiting, though. And yes, I have a star shaped pan that I ordered online for $5! And man, it makes some yummy cupcakes!

Jen said...

I totally hear what you are saying with this post. I stopped looking at my reader. So it has thousands of unread posts. This doesn't mean that I stop reading blogs altogether. Oh no, of course not. That would be just crazy talk.

Here is how I handle it. I have about 3 or 4 blogs that I religiously read just about every day (but I've even been neglecting them too). Then I keep the rest of them in folders on my toolbar. When I have a few moments try to stop by and visit the ones I have bookmarked. I also try to stop by and visit anyone who comments on my blog.

The reader was just too much pressure for me.