Saturday, 19 July 2008

Strange conversations

Families are funny things, actually to be accurate - parents are funny things!

Mum told me about a conversation she had with Dad the other day and all I could say was "Bless 'im!" It goes like this... (not verbatim of course as I wasn't there and Mum can't remember it all word for word!)

Dad: don't take this the wrong way, you think that you are good looking?

Mum: errrrr.....

Dad: put it this way, do you think that I am good looking?

Mum: well, we are both in our fifties and are beginning to show wear and tear, but neither are we ugly, we are both just average people...why do you ask?

Dad: I was having a conversation the other day with someone and they said "it's alright for you, your wife is attractive", and my (Dad's) first thought was "is she?!"

Naturally this will make more sense to me than it does to you, but it shows that Dad does not see things the way we do and neither does he have the social grace not to say things like that, as much as I love him, he does have his moments. Mum and I were laughing as she told me about this conversation as we thought about how Dad talks about the strangest things and has to think about whether his wife is attractive or not. Although I suppose after you've lived with someone for over thirty years you no longer see them as other people might.


Heather J. said...

Too funny! Did he not notice that she was attractive when he married her? LOL


emilythehopeless said...

that's interesting to think about.. i bet the years together taint your vision. funny that he wasn't sure though!

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