Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bloglines is going crazy!!

I had to laugh just now when I saw my Bloglines account refresh itself and leap from about 50 posts to read to 2685!!!! Something very strange is going on with Bloglines as it keeps thinking that I want to reread the last 200 posts of a random blog that I have in my lists, it even thinks that I want to read the last hundred odd posts of several blogs that I subscribe to, but there is no earthly way that I would be able (or want) to read 2685 posts!!

I certainly hope that I am never away from my laptop long enough for my unread blog posts to get that high!! As it is, I subscribe to 239 blogs, which is probably too many anyway, but I like reading them as I am a very naturally nosy person! And it's a good job that I can read fast too, otherwise I'd be on the computer all day long, which isn't to say that I don't do that already!! (I really need to get a life!! ;-))

Updated to add that my Bloglines reader tally now stands at 6560 - there is definitely a bug in the system somwhere! I hope they fix it soon, before we all go crazy!

P.S. Bloglines is now officially down! There is a very pretty page full of colourful circles and a little sentence that goes "Bloglines is down temporarily. We will be back shortly" - the sad thing is that I am already getting withdrawal symptoms!!

Friday, 27 June 2008


Hmmm, this anonymous blogging is going to be quite the challenge! Not because I haven't got anything to say, but because I already have a blog elsewhere and I am trying not to get the two blogs confused or at least not to out this one on my 'public' blog. Which I have to say is unlikely although I could mention my other blog on this one as long as I don't cross reference it back.

But do I want to do that, I mean - how much do I want to ensure that there is absolutely no chance that IRL friends and family don't get to read this one - I don't plan on saying anything damaging, not that there is anything damaging to talk about - it's just that here I can speak more freely about my personal thoughts and feelings without worrying that Mum and Dad (and others) are going to worry that I am upset or angry or whatever!

At the same time though I wouldn't mind if my present bloggie friends read this one because they are highly unlikely to meet my friends and family, so just how careful do I intend to be? You see, the more careful I want to be the more difficult this gets!! Particularly as I could very well comment using either name on any blog and no-one would be any the wiser, unless you have a statistics counter that looks as IP addresses and can work out where I come from and spot that two of your commenters share the same IP address - hmmmmm!

Perhaps I am making far too much an issue of this and should just simply enjoy blogging for friends and family as well as my more private self! Perhaps this is your opportunity to see me crash and burn as I get so tangled up between my blogs that I don't know whether I am coming or going!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

All Mediocre!

There are many many ways to get your blog noticed and AllMediocre is a great one - I just found it today and it's a list of blogs about anything, so you never quite know what you'll get when you click on something!

There are other websites like this, but as far as I can tell they all tend to focus on particular topics or types like Mom-blogs (I tried to put Mum-blogs, but it works better in Americanese!) or fertility blogs or...well you see where I am going with this!

AllMediocre is the alternative to Alltop where the best of the best gets picked up, which is a good way of finding out good blogs. But, we all know that not everyone can be a brilliant blogger as there simply has to be an average and everyone falls above or below that line, so this is an opportunity to get yourself noticed in a humorous mediocre (but not really!) way.

I look forward to begin reading some of those blogs on that list and adding yet more blogs to my already groaning bloglines account!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The boss is leaving!

It would appear that the Boss is leaving at the end of July. It wasn't such a surprise because the rumours were flying fast and furious and some of us were getting a bit miffed because she was pulling out of seminars that we'd specifically been asked to attend!

The Boss is meant to be going on a secondment, so she will be back, but the powers that be have said that they wont hold her present job open, merely that there will be a job at her grade when she returns in six months time. Which is rather irritating because it shows a rather short-sightedness in our present management as the Boss will be able to bring back a lot of useful information that is directly related to her present job; but I reckon that they didn't want her to go so they made as difficult as possible for her to accept the other offer, which naturally meant that she was put in such a position as to accept the offer rather than continue to work in a department so short-sighted!

As she is my direct line manager I do wonder what will happen now, will the department be restructured slightly? Who will I report to in August, will I still get to the management course that she said would be good for me, who can I whinge to about various problems instead! Perhaps it's no surprise that she want to leave! ;-) It just goes to show that while some people can just slide out the door and have no effect on the staff left behind, there are some that because of the level of management they they are at their leaving will definitely have an impact on the remaining staff.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Welcome one and all to my blog!

I should state up front that no-one will be identified in this blog....I just needed a place where I didn't have to think about every word that flew off my fingers, where I didn't have to worry that someone I knew wouldn't like what I said! (or would be shocked that I even said it in the first place!)

Of course, it is my own fault for broadcasting my first blog (which is still out there!) to all and sundry, I was quite happy to do that and am still very pleased to know that there are friends and family that do read my blog, but it does mean that I can't really say what I think! Besides, I might want to say something about someone that reads my blog and how can I when I know that they read it!

So, this is my place for me to say what I think, naturally I hope that I wont offend anyone, but I can't say that I wont because we all know that everybody has different offence triggers!! ;-)