Sunday, 31 August 2008


This the moment where I start to beat myself up because I haven't blogged in ages and I'm getting to the point where it begins to feel like it's too much bother to blog at all, which is a shame because I do enjoy blogging...I just have a serious inspiration problem, as I think that I may have said before!

After all, who wants to read about a not particularly interesting moment that happened or the things that I think about. Ugh, I sound like a maudlin, whinging female that thinks that you want to listen to a bunch of whining!

I do apologise, and hereby vow to pull my socks up and blog a heck of a lot more, starting with tomorrow's post all about Looking Fine by 2009 as hosted by Daily Mish Mash! More about that tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A freudian slip perhaps?!?

I simply do not watch television if there are no subtitles, even if it is a film or programme that I know well as I do not get the same level of understanding that I would if it did have subtitles.

There are very few programmes or films that do not have subtitles these days, but they do crop up every now and then and that does annoy me rather. So, despite the fact that my oldest brother says that live subtitles are crap and the providers could do better, I am very appreciative of the fact that there are indeed live subtitles as I realise that they must difficult to provide.

A rather good side benefit of live subtitles is that they go wrong sometimes, usually in a very funny way, and the example that I am about to give you is no exception!

I was watching the 7pm coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony, it wasn't actually live because this was seven hours after the event, but the commentators were live at that point telling us about it although the ceremony itself wasn't - did that make any sense to you!!?

Anyway, I was very impressed with the ceremony, the drums were fabulous, I loved the way they lit up when hit, the fireworks were good too (but that's apt seeing as China is the birthplace of fireworks). The commentators were telling us all about the ceremony and the subtitles were having a bit of a job to keep up and there was a point where they should have said "One world, one dream" only it came out...."One world, one Downing Street".

That still makes me laugh even now, was the subtitler trying to tell us that our government are intent on taking over the world?!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Lifestyle dreams

Hmmm, don't tell my parents, but I've been rummaging around the property websites of Australia, Melbourne in particular! You get so much more for money when compared to the United Kingdom as the Australians clearly know how to design a house - open plan living with formal spaces tucked away, large master bedrooms with walk in wardrobes and fabulous ensuites (not to mention lovely things like laundry rooms and walk in pantries and covered outdoor spaces)

For the same amount of money you get so much less on this side of the world, clearly we don't have the same amount of space to play with and neither can we really have dedicated outdoor space as it rains far too much here, not to mention that we have far less sunshine (or at least pleasant weather) year round.

At this present point in time I have no plans to go to Australia as I have plenty to do in the UK (like get a Masters - paid for by work hopefully!), but I have been thinking about it, particularly as the outdoor lifestyle does rather appeal. I will continue to ponder on this issue, but I am thinking that when I get to 40 (erk!) and if I still don't have a partner or family and am more or less doing the same job, then I will think more seriously about possibly popping over to the other side of the world, even if just for a few years.

Of course, why not do this now....well, despite the fabulous houses, I don't think that I am quite ready to make such a dramatic move now and in any case I think that I'd get a better chance of finding a job with this Masters that I am thinking of doing. I am thinking that if I just go about my life and putting some savings away at the same time, then I can see what might happen in a few years time? Naturally anything could happen between now and then as I am still only 33!!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Spelling rite or rong?!

I found this rather interesting article today on the Times newspaper website. It's all about spelling.

Now, you would assume, wouldn't you, that in this day and age the article is all about the poor spelling skills that students have these days and how even graduates don't seem able to spell the simplest words.

Well, you'd be wrong, this article discusses Ken Smith (lecturer at Bucks New University) and this idea that we should accept certain basic spelling mistakes as variants on the word and not correct them.

I have to say that any university that can't be more imaginative than calling itself New University deserves to have lecturers that thinks like this! Now, I can appreciate that there are people with dyslexia who will always have trouble spelling particular words, but allowances should be made in this case just as allowances are made for the fact that I don't use the telephone and can only use the television with subtitles.

However, to suggest that we accept variant spellings such as opertunity for opportunity, speach for speech, thier for their and so on, just doesn't make sense to me. I know that in times past there were umpteen variants of the same word, heck, Shakespeare couldn't decide how to spell his own name! Today however, there is no excuse for poor spelling; I mean, if the people of my generation and my parents generation could be taught how to spell correctly why on earth aren't today's graduates being taught how to spell properly, or at least how to use a dictionary?

I would assume that very very few essays these days are being handed in handwritten, so there is even less excuse for not having correct spelling if you are using a computer, unless of course you have the spellchecker set to the American language instead of British!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

That's amore!

How do you fancy winning a romantic book or two!? Memarie Lane is holding a contest with a difference...write a short romantic scene and enter it in the contest and you just might win!

Of course, you'd have to want to read these books! I don't mind admitting that my preferred reading 'drug' of choice are romance novels, I love reading about the complexity of relationships, I love the happy endings, not to mention the odd sexy page or two!!

I am always keen to add to my stash of reading, so watch out for my romantic story to appear on these pages, whether it will be any good I have absolutely no idea, but it's good to stretch my thinking muscles and perhaps even win a book or two out of it!

Are you up to the challenge? Go visit Memarie Lane!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Free evenings!

As of last week I finished my evening job (5:30pm to 10:00pm) which fortunately means no more getting home at 10:30pm with just enough time to feed the cat before falling into bed!!

As this is my first evening at home when I should be working, I am taking advantage of the time to do......nothing! I am just sat here with my laptop doing nothing more exciting than reading my fellow bloggers blogs whilst watching television and snacking on hot buttered toast.

Which is all very nice, although I get the vague feeling that I should be do something rather more productive. But I have decided that I need enjoy being at home first before I regain that utterly bored feeling again, by which time I will be more inclined to do other things like sorting out the spare bedroom, making greeting cards, and other such fascinating things!!

I am so used to having something to do in the evenings, even if it's 'just' paid work, that I need to rediscover my own imagination and inspiration for things to keep me occupied without resorting to that childhood cry "but Mummy, I'm booooooored"!! (p.s. having great fun with Ihasahotdog!!)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

We have a winner!

The very lucky winner of my book giveaway was.....

Random Integer Generator

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and this particular blogger is...

Who is a very funny blogger, I have only just found her blog through this brilliant Giveaway Carnival, but anyone who can blog about being an expendable character in Star Trek is worth a read! Of course, that's not all she talks about, but let me tell you's not often that I giggle/laugh/snort out loud when reading blog posts, but nearly every post of Memarie Lane so far has made me do so!! She's so going in my blog reader!