Friday, 27 June 2008


Hmmm, this anonymous blogging is going to be quite the challenge! Not because I haven't got anything to say, but because I already have a blog elsewhere and I am trying not to get the two blogs confused or at least not to out this one on my 'public' blog. Which I have to say is unlikely although I could mention my other blog on this one as long as I don't cross reference it back.

But do I want to do that, I mean - how much do I want to ensure that there is absolutely no chance that IRL friends and family don't get to read this one - I don't plan on saying anything damaging, not that there is anything damaging to talk about - it's just that here I can speak more freely about my personal thoughts and feelings without worrying that Mum and Dad (and others) are going to worry that I am upset or angry or whatever!

At the same time though I wouldn't mind if my present bloggie friends read this one because they are highly unlikely to meet my friends and family, so just how careful do I intend to be? You see, the more careful I want to be the more difficult this gets!! Particularly as I could very well comment using either name on any blog and no-one would be any the wiser, unless you have a statistics counter that looks as IP addresses and can work out where I come from and spot that two of your commenters share the same IP address - hmmmmm!

Perhaps I am making far too much an issue of this and should just simply enjoy blogging for friends and family as well as my more private self! Perhaps this is your opportunity to see me crash and burn as I get so tangled up between my blogs that I don't know whether I am coming or going!!


Me said...

It's hard isn't it?? I keep mine anonymous but there's nothing on there that my family and friends don't know anyways.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Hen said...

Another blogger and I 'invented' guest trip off to somebody else's blog (unknown to your pals) and vent your spleen, safe in the knowledge they won't know who you are!

Thanks for popping over,

Connie said...

I tried to have a separate anonymous blog but I couldn't make it work.

Good Luck!

Andi said...

I have been thinking about starting an anonymous blog too for the same reasons as you, but I'm still undecided. I've just started putting more work into my "real" blog and am trying to get more readers, and I don't know if I have the time or energy to do that twice. At the same time, I think it might be easier for me to get readers at an anonymous blog because I could be more candid and less boring. I'm still figuring it out, but maybe I'll see how it goes for you first :)

Mama Kalila said...

I've thought about making an anonymous blog... but I have two blogs already & don't think I could pull it off. I already have drifting issues between the two I have. So my junk either gets aired in public (and yes I hear about it from family) or I bottle it in and wish I could vent.