Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bloglines is going crazy!!

I had to laugh just now when I saw my Bloglines account refresh itself and leap from about 50 posts to read to 2685!!!! Something very strange is going on with Bloglines as it keeps thinking that I want to reread the last 200 posts of a random blog that I have in my lists, it even thinks that I want to read the last hundred odd posts of several blogs that I subscribe to, but there is no earthly way that I would be able (or want) to read 2685 posts!!

I certainly hope that I am never away from my laptop long enough for my unread blog posts to get that high!! As it is, I subscribe to 239 blogs, which is probably too many anyway, but I like reading them as I am a very naturally nosy person! And it's a good job that I can read fast too, otherwise I'd be on the computer all day long, which isn't to say that I don't do that already!! (I really need to get a life!! ;-))

Updated to add that my Bloglines reader tally now stands at 6560 - there is definitely a bug in the system somwhere! I hope they fix it soon, before we all go crazy!

P.S. Bloglines is now officially down! There is a very pretty page full of colourful circles and a little sentence that goes "Bloglines is down temporarily. We will be back shortly" - the sad thing is that I am already getting withdrawal symptoms!!


Hen said...

Mr B's is in Bath - behind Jolly's - it really is the nicest book shop ever....they just won bookshop of the year (deservedly)!


Tash said...

Hen - thank you! I should say to other people reading the comments - don't worry - you're not in an alternate universe! Hen is just replying to something I said on her blog!! ;-)

Bobbi said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my site. I'm new to your site as well, and I like what I see. I'll be checking back in regularly!