Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The boss is leaving!

It would appear that the Boss is leaving at the end of July. It wasn't such a surprise because the rumours were flying fast and furious and some of us were getting a bit miffed because she was pulling out of seminars that we'd specifically been asked to attend!

The Boss is meant to be going on a secondment, so she will be back, but the powers that be have said that they wont hold her present job open, merely that there will be a job at her grade when she returns in six months time. Which is rather irritating because it shows a rather short-sightedness in our present management as the Boss will be able to bring back a lot of useful information that is directly related to her present job; but I reckon that they didn't want her to go so they made as difficult as possible for her to accept the other offer, which naturally meant that she was put in such a position as to accept the offer rather than continue to work in a department so short-sighted!

As she is my direct line manager I do wonder what will happen now, will the department be restructured slightly? Who will I report to in August, will I still get to the management course that she said would be good for me, who can I whinge to about various problems instead! Perhaps it's no surprise that she want to leave! ;-) It just goes to show that while some people can just slide out the door and have no effect on the staff left behind, there are some that because of the level of management they they are at their leaving will definitely have an impact on the remaining staff.

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