Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sensitive to Laughter

As much as I will happily laugh at myself and the silly things that I do or say, there does come a point when I feel as though I am being laughed AT rather than WITH. I do say and do the funniest things sometimes and even now I am smiling at how I said something funny over the weekend and perhaps I am being a bit too sensitive sometimes.

My skin just gets thinner and thinner during the weekends when all my family are together and I get just a little bit touchy when I manage to say something unintentionally funny yet again and everyone falls about laughing! In the main I do manage to laugh along with them, but I don't always have the fortitude to keep laughing.

But do you know what really grates sometimes? Being told that "we are laughing with you not at you", how the heck do you know that I am not really insulted by this particular round of laughter? Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I do manage to laugh along with them most of the time, which is why I suppose it must seem rather a change of attitude to occasionally (and rather suddenly) turn grumpy, but I just can't take it allll the time!

Anyway, either I have to regrow that thicker skin or stop saying such silly things! And do you know, I can't even think of anything silly that I recently said so that you can all laugh at with me too!!

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alicia said...

I hate feeling like I am being laughed at, with is ok, at is not so fun! I don't think its about you growing thicker skin, but people maybe being a little more sensitive!

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Sue said...

from ICLW... Regarding your previous entry: I have found that sometimes I wish my blog were more anonymous than it it is. However, I am not brave enough to try to keep up more than one. My hat is off to you

kirke said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I know exactly what you mean. It's okay when we are all laughing together, but sometimes I'm not trying to be funny...so maybe let's keep the chuckles to a minimum.

Shanez said...

I know what you mean. Let me tell you about my MEMO moment. I was helping to reconcile a huge credit card statement for a government company. I was working on it with a co-worker. It had been hours and we had logged about 8 hours of overtimeon this because one of our counterparts had made some errors. Well finally late one night we were at the end of that tunnel. I decided to give it a once over and at the end I saw **MEMO** I was so pooped out that I said "ummmmm K....what's a meeemo?" She burst out in laughter and said uhhhh Shanez you mean MEMO....OMG she was crying she waslaughing so hard. From them on when someone hadthat so called blonde moment it became a memo moment. On top of that they even has pins made that said "MEMO" At first I was mortified but then I made it a point o let them know that I may have been the reason for the phrase but hey I'm not wearing the pin. LOL Now whos laughing :0)

MomMega said...

There really is such a fine line between laughing at/with you...I always find myself being laughed...towards (?) by my family...and never really know what to think...I feel your pain!

Shanez said...

sorry I had so many typos it's late :0)

Keri said...

Here via ICLW!

I know the feeling. My family has a great sense of humour, but if you aren't in the mood for it, it can be infuriating.

momofonefornow said...

Hi, over from ICLW,

That happens to me regularly. I just try to ignore them.