Friday, 25 July 2008

Regular bloggie posts

As some of you may know...I have three blogs, this one (!) that my real life friends and family don't know about, and two others that I am not going to tell you the URL of, not unless you sign the Official Secrets Act!!

Anyway, all three of my blogs (should) have regular posts, you know the kind I mean - Word Filled Wednesday, Show and Tell, Movie Madness, and many many more. Which is great as it gives me much needed bloggie inspiration, however, and it's rather a big however, I never seem to remember which 'event' I am supposed to be doing on which day and I usually don't remember until the day is almost over and I have already decided to write about something else, not to mention that it is too late to put up because everyone else has already posted there and looked at the others leaving lots of lovely comments!! (I don't want to be the latecomer to the party!)

How on earth am I supposed to remember which post to do on which day, never mind which post to do on which blog - ha ha! Clearly I don't always want to do them every time cos I may have other things on my mind, but if you "sign up" for one of them does it mean that you are obligated to do each and every one that follows or do people not mind if you pop in and out as the whim strikes?

Whether I decide to do them or not, I think that I am going to have to set up e-reminders to myself so that I can at least remember when one is coming up! I simply don't even have the ability to remember that Thankful Thursday happens on a Thursday - Duh! Clearly I have other things on my mind, but I should at least go and be thankful!

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Bobbi said...

I would love to read your other blogs. I enjoy reading your almost daily.

I'm an obsessive blogger as well - 6 of my own, plus 5 others I contribute to. Maybe I need a 12-step program!

Kim said...

Om my, I can barely keep one blog straight let alone three! I think the reminders are a great idea! iclw

Kim said...

Replying to your comment. Nope the jellyfish are dead and have no tentacles, so no stinging! I was afraid when I was young but then I say other kids picking them up. And now my kids do it too!

Martha said...

I'm impressed, three blogs, Wow! Love the regular feature idea. Visiting from ILCW.