Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday mornings

Monday mornings usually suck because I know that I've got to get up and go to work after having two mornings of no alarm clocks ringing and just waking up at my leisure!! Admittedly I usually wake up at more or less the same time because my body clock is set that way, but at least I don't have to get up!

This Monday morning is slightly different because it's the first day of my last week at my evening job and I am rather glad to be getting my evenings back as from next week! I originally took the evening job on top of my main job because I wanted to save some money to pay off a small debt that I have with the bank. Two years later, I have had the garden designed, taken a trip to Australia and somehow....I still have that small debt!!

I can live with the debt, it's not that big in monthly payments, but I feel a bit daft having taken on the extra job to pay that off, and to alleviate some of the evening boredom I was having, and I still haven't paid of that debt!! I fully expect to be bored every now and then in the evenings, but at least I will have my evenings back as I wasn't getting home until 10:30pm and getting tired by the end of the week.

When I get my evenings back, I will do things like start making greeting cards again, spending more time curled up with the cat, taking the time to read the books that I want to read, keeping the house as it should be, getting some exercise in, and possibly taking a Masters in management. So, I am not expecting too much in the way of boredom!!


VA Blondie said...

I am glad you are getting your evenings back. I worked nights for a while, too, and I hated being away from the Hubby. I felt like I never saw him. I am much happier now that I am back on days. It does sound like you will keep yourself busy!

A Buns Life said...

more time for all those blogs you write and read! :)

Sam said...

It sounds like you're going to be busy and certainly not bored at all!