Saturday, 26 July 2008


Saturdays are always full of promise and today is no exception, but I usually make a great mess of my weekends by lying in bed far far too long and by the time Saturday (and Sunday) evenings roll around, I usually feel pretty morose because I have wasted the weekend and it is something that I just cannot seem to stop myself from doing.

Today, however, shows a bit more promise because I have an eye appointment at 11am, which means that I have to get up and get going and perhaps I will actually have a Saturday that lives up to it's promise.

The promise that I talk of isn't one of a fun-filled day, although would be just as good; no, the promise is one of a satisfying day, I get things done and feel productive, whether it's tidying my bedroom, making greeting cards, doing household stuff or whatever takes my fancy, if I have had a productive day then I feel satisfied.

The only trouble is that my bed is usually far too comfortable first thing in the morning (actually that should read most of the morning!) and so I end up feeling that I've wasted the day, but today....I have an appointment!


Sassy said...

I know what you mean. I've got nothing done today besides a blog post. How pathetic is that?

Bobbi said...

Saturday mornings are my favorite time to snuggle under the covers with a good book. Lazy, I know, but it's what I enjoy!

Phoebe said...

If you need one day a week to lay in bed all day, then I think that's ok.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Danifred said...

Oh how I love my bed- sadly, my bed is comfortable at ALL times of the day, not just the morning hours :)

andnotbysight said...

Wow, I have the same problem! And last night we stayed up way too late watching movies, so that just made this Saturday morning even worse than usual!

Amy said...

I feel the exact same way. When I get up later and do nothing all day I feel like I have wasted a day and completely regret it. Though that doesn't stop me from doing it again the next week. It's really bad during the summer when I'm not working. So much time wasted. I really love sleep too much. I keep telling myself I'm getting as much now as I can because once I do have children well sleeping in will be a thing of the past.