Friday, 11 July 2008


It's Friday!! And what a Friday it has been!! Nothing earth shaking, just a lot of frustration at work and depressing rain outside!!

I find that the more tired I get the less patience I have and this morning from 11am to 12noon, this was clearly quite evident!! You may have gathered by now that I work in library, well, in order to do my duty on the issue desk I needed access to the library catalogue so that I could let people borrow books and get my stamping books fix!!

Well...was this catalogue willing!? No. The database is on a server hosted outside my organisation and I need to access it via the net and it kept giving me lots of lovely messages like server not available or software caused connection abort. It only took fifteen minutes for me to start clenching my teeth, thirty before I was hanging my head in my hands, forty-five before I was valiantly holding back that scream that would cause a coronary in my quietly studying library users!! I did eventually get in, but oh boy, the frustration!!!

Anyway, that's all over now, I even decided to leave work at 4pm as I was owed half an hour from yesterday. I say owed, but that extra time yesterday was a pleasure because I had to attend an AGM (boring!) which was followed by a tour of the library that was hosting the AGM and wow - we saw some incredible books and archives, I saw a book with Marie Curie's name on the flyleaf, a copy of one of the flight plans for Apollo 11 signed by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong!!! But the best bit was a book about astronomy written in 1519 by Copernicus - I had to hold my hands behind my back to restrain myself from touching!!

They did say that they had a couple of jobs due to be advertised fairly soon so I will be keeping my eye out for those so that I can get the chance of looking more closely at those books!! However, the chances are that they are looking for assistant staff at half my current salary, so I am going to have to remain satisfied with that one look! Mind you, I am now arranging for my staff to have a visit themselves, surely I have to tag along to keep them in line!!! ;-)

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