Sunday, 6 July 2008

Depressing summer!

All this rain and wind we've been having here in the UK (with more forecast this week) is not making for a very pleasant summer! All it makes me want to do is hole up at home with the laptop and investigate property in Australia!

I spent three weeks in Australia back in March, and despite the horrendously cramped flight over, I had a great time - Sydney was warm, Adelaide was hotter than believed (heatwave of 40 degree weather!), Melbourne was just as hot, the Whitsunday Islands were wet but warm.

Now, I know that Australia are in their winter now, but they've still got 16 degrees and sunshine! When I was visiting Australia, I looked inside my thoughts and decided that I didn't want to live here as it was too far away from my family. The reason I did that was because I hear of so many people going on holiday to Australia and then deciding that this is the place for them! I was quite pleased that I didn't feel that pull because I don't think that I could bear seeing my family just once a year.

But's grey outside, the cat is still a bit damp from being outside earlier today, I haven't been out all weekend (although I am just about to pop to the shops to get some chocolate or something!) and it is thoroughly depressing!

If I didn't have family in the UK I truly think that I would live anywhere else but here, the States perhaps or Canada (I loved Vancouver when I visited some time ago), but Australia, with the beach and sports lifestyle, not to mention large houses (compared to those here!) and more sunshine that we could cope with, makes me think that I'd rather like to live there.

Hmmmm, perhaps I need to sleep on that thought! In the meantime, I leave you with a photograph of some incredible coastline near Melbourne!


Nic said...

I am with you there, after a day dasing in and out of shops at a Retail Park with rain, wind and miserable faced-people (including me!) We have never upped and gone for same reasons as you, which is silly really as all our family live a long long way away and we hardly see them! This country is SOOOOOOexpensive to live in now, SOOOOO overcrowded and of

Just Me. said...

I am in Melbourne now and yes, I immediately recognised the picture!! It's depressing winter now. I'm looking at the window and it's dark, gloomy with an overcast sky.

But other than the weather, I love Melbourne!

lemonologie said...

Beautiful pic! I would LOVE to go to Australia.

Tee said...

Hey Tash thanks for commenting on my blog today (and thanks for the reminder of comment week!). I LOVE being Australian and I live in one of the most iconic suburbs in Australia so I was touched by your comments. Being half Scottish I must admit to be stunned by the beauty of Scotland, although I could never live there. That weather, YUK!