Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Kicked off yesterday and my comment tally is already increasing as are the number of people leaving comments on this relatively 'young' blog! If you don't know anything about ICLW then do go and find out so that you can join in next time if you want to increase your blog readership and discover some of those great blogs out there!

If you are newly reading my blog, you will discover that there aren't that many posts at the moment and that is because this one of my three blogs and this one is the newest one, as well as being the most anonymous one! My main blog has been going for about a year, but my real life friends and family read that one, so I set this one up so that I could say what I wanted without worrying or upsetting friends and family. (incidentally, my Dad admitted to me on Saturday that he hadn't read a particular post on my main blog because Mum said that it was very powerful and moving - about a particular part of my life - and he knew that it would upset him and so did not read it - but you see what I mean?)

Of course, I have to point out that I wouldn't say anything hurtful about them, but sometimes I need to let off a bit of steam or perhaps talk about things that may cause them to worry and so this is my place for that and with that, I welcome you all and hope that you will (eventually) find some interesting things to read, just that at the moment it isn't all that interesting as my life is so very normal as to be boring!! ha ha.


Hen said...

Anonymous blogging feels great!

Anonymous said...

Hi from IComLeavWe
I love the privacy of my IF blog. Besides DH, I only told 1 other person about writing to it.

Dreams Come True said...

My blog is 100% anonymous too, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Even my DH doesn't read or know about the blog. Not that I vent about him, but having something be completely private is a great stress reliever.


A Buns Life said...

I'll have to go check that out!

Amy said...

I feel the same way. I've always had a hard time letting people in and I feel very vulnerable and exposed when I write. I also tend to like to let off steam from time to time as well. These are things I wouldn't necessarily mind letting my closest friends in on but as far as all my friends, family and even in-laws, not so much. Which is why I have two blogs. One where all my family and friends can read what is going on in my life (though I'm finding I'm getting more and more personal on there as well). And then this one, which I'm sure isn't totally anonymous but it is more so than the other. DH does read my anonymous one. He came to me later saying wow I have a little more insight into what's in your head. I laughed telling him I hadn't written about anything I hadn't already told him about. Silly man. :)